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iCARE, SafeWork, SIRA

If you've experienced an injury at work, a caring and personalised approach 
is essential for your recovery.

That is exactly what you'll receive from Jason at First Choice Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy.


At First Choice Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy we welcome all patients referred to us following a work related injury. 

If you've been injured at work, a speedy recovery is vital. We provide a safe, caring and personal approach to ensure this occurs.

We are highly experienced in working with patients under the Worker's Compensation Scheme. Our focus and aim is to achieve a safe return to work by providing a variety of options including manual therapy, exercise-based rehabilitation programs and home-based strengthening exercises to ensure your long-term and sustained recovery.


Common WorkCover injuries seen at First Choice Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy include:​

  • Back and neck pain;

  • Shoulder, elbow and/or wrist pain;

  • Knee, ankle and/or foot pain;

  • Work-specific injuries;

  • Injuries as a result of repetitive or prolonged actions, causing an overuse-overload injury.

When working with WorkCover Patients some of the work will focus on and include:

  • Reducing your level of pain;

  • Increasing muscle strength and tone;

  • Discussing strategies to cope with being off work;

  • Looking at amending working hours and duties as necessary, and updating these as appropriate;

  • Returning you to work with minimal chances of reinjury.

To bill the insurance company directly under the Workers Compensation scheme e need your WorkCover referral from your doctor. Once we have this referral, as well as your workers compensation claim number, and have confirmed this with your workers compensation insurance company, we can bill the insurer directly.

Throughout your treatment, we’ll communicate with your nominated treating doctor, health insurance provider and any other necessary health professionals. We will also feedback relevant information regarding your treatment progress, functional ability and capacity for work as well as and any potential barriers that may impact the return-to-work process.

If your mobility level or severity of injury means you are unable to leave your home then Jason can come to you. Alternatively, telehealth physiotherapy is also available for you. This is an excellent option for you if you're injury requires you to stay at home, you are based out of Sydney, or are in a COVID impacted area.

Please call to book and discuss your specific needs with Jason.

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