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If you are unable to come to us, telehealth is an option available to you.

If for any reason, you cannot attend in-person,telehealth physiotherapy is available. This is an excellent option for you if you are staying at home and still require physiotherapy.

When delivered by an experienced physiotherapist, telehealth has been shown to be just as effective as in-person consultations.

Common reasons for the telehealth service include recent hospital discharge, frailty, reduced mobility, living out of Sydney or COVID concerns/restrictions.

The same great service and clinical reasoning skills are used via video consultations. You will have the chance to give Jason a full history on your injury, following which an objective examination will be performed and from there the best course of treatment will be discussed and a home-based program will be prescribed.


Please call to book or discuss your needs with Jason.

For your Telehealth appointment the video platform Zoom is used. This allows us to communicate with each other via video from your computer, laptop or mobile. You can either download Zoom prior to your appointment OR simply open the unique link that Jason will email to you.

*Please note that Google Chrome is the best browser to support your Zoom meeting.


A few tips for your teleheath session:

  • The area of injury will needs to be visible during your session, so please wear appropriate clothing. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is best. If it is a lower limb injury, please wear shorts, if it is an upper limb injury or neck, please wear a singlet. 

  • Set yourself up on your laptop but also consider having your phone available as we may need to transfer the call over to help you with exercises. 

  • Ensure your devices are charged prior to appointment or have a power source available. 

  • A quiet room with some space and good lighting is the best place. Have any home equipment ready i.e. foam roller, dumbbells or bands, and a mat or towel on the floor available. If you can't achieve this, don't worry, we can easily improvise!

  • The cost of your session is $80. Payment is required over the phone prior to the session. Jason will call to take payment, which made through a secure EFTPOS system. 

  • You may be eligible for a private health insurance rebate, please contact your insurer to find out if you are eligible. A full invoice will be provided for the consultation. 

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