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Walking is something that most people do without giving it much thought. It’s not until we experience pain while walking, or when mobile, that we really think about how we move. Experiencing pain when we stand or when we are mobile can impact our independence and also create significant health problems both over the short and long term.

Many people can move around with an abnormal or asymmetrical gait for years without any issues. However, when someone experiences an injury or pain, their usual gait often alters to compensate, this results in an abnormal gait which can lead to bigger health issues.

Gait assessment can also play a crucial role in both pre- and post-operative rehabilitation. Individualised programs are designed based on improving strength, balance and overall well-being. 

Gait assessments are ideal for a number of conditions, as well as people experiencing the following: 


  • Total Hip Replacement - pre and post-surgery

  • Total Knee Replacement - pre and post-surgery

  • Age Related Functional decline

  • Balance Impairments and Falls

  • Neurological Conditions including Parkinson's

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