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What do you treat?
Jason treats pain arising from muscle, joint, and nerve injuries. This could include sporting injuries such as torn muscles, joint sprains, and running-related injuries. He also treats people with neck pain, headaches, back pain, hip and knee arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, tendon injuries, etc. As an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist there isn't much that Jason can't treat.

What don't you treat?
Incontinence issues, newborn and paediatric clients, recovery from hand surgery, and conditions requiring custom-made hand splints. Although Jason doesn't treat these, he is able to recommend physiotherapists with expertise in these areas.
Do I need a referral?
Generally no. If in doubt, feel free to call Jason to discuss your specific situation.

Do you treat Medicare, DVA, work injury claims, and Motor Accident Authority clients? 
Yes. Please bring a referral from your GP for these appointments.

How do I see you as an NDIS client?
Please contact Jason to discuss options under the NDIS.

Do I need to get scans before my appointment?
Only if there is suspicion of a severe injury such as a fracture or a medical condition masquerading as a musculoskeletal condition. Otherwise, most injuries ​can be diagnosed and treated successfully without scans. If in doubt, feel free to contact Jason. If you have any recent or old scans please them along.

How long are the sessions?
Initial appointments typically take 45 minutes and follow-up sessions are 30 minutes.

How do I join the small group exercise class?
You'll need to attend an individual session to thoroughly assess your injury and determine your eligibility for the class.

Can I claim a health fund rebate through private health insurance?
Yes, as long as you have extras cover and haven't exhausted your annual allowance.

How much is the health fund rebate?
It varies between health funds. Most pay a higher rebate for an initial consultation. Some funds pay a percentage of the consultation fee, whereas others pay a fixed amount. It's worth checking your policy to see how much you are eligible to claim.

The health fund rebate can be claimed at your session using a HICAPS terminal.

Gap payments (the amount remaining after deducting the rebate) can be paid via EFTPOS, EFT, or cash.

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