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Our Clinical Strength and Conditioning program is designed for runners of all abilities from beginner to elite, road runners and trail runners. It aims to improve a runner's performance so they are at their personal best and smashing their goals, while minimising their risk of injury or flaring up old injuries.

Clinical strengthening and conditioning is a vital part of any runner’s training program which is often ignored or overlooked. Strength training has been shown to improve running economy, reduce running injuries and increase power output in runners of all levels. A good clinical strengthening and conditioning program should be designed using a multi-faceted approach and include a combination of modalities such as plyometrics, core training, mobility exercises, flexibility work, balance exercises, as well as bodyweight and weighted exercises.

Our program aims to screen for and identify your current strengths, weaknesses and asymmetries. We take time to understand your running goals, injury history, training history, event requirements, race calendar and future race calendar goals to design a program that is specific to your individual needs, goals and requirements.

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